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Meru Talks: Using Biofeedback to Improve Mental Health

Training the body’s stress response with the help of biofeedback can have a great impact on our mental wellbeing and even relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In this Meru Talks video interview, Dr. Paul Lehrer will introduce us to the world of Biofeedback: What is it, what are the mind-body mechanisms behind it, and how can we use biofeedback techniques to better manage stress and improve wellbeing?

About the speaker

Dr. Lehrer is a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist and a professor emeritus of psychiatry at Rutgers Medical School. His clinical practice and research specialize in the management of stress and treatment of physical and emotional stress-related disorders. For the past 25+ years, Dr. Lehrer has published widely on the use of biofeedback in the treatment of anxiety, hypertension, and asthma and how it can improve our overall wellbeing.

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