Meru Health puts 100% of fees at risk. With our new value-based pricing structure, we’re guaranteeing industry-leading outcomes. 

Meru Health’s mission is to offer the best mental health care possible — helping people improve their mental health and well-being for the long term. And now, we’re offering our digital-based, therapist-led treatment services to healthcare payers and employers with a 100% fees-at-risk pricing structure. 


The healthcare industry has been moving towards more value-based care models in recent years. However, when value-based care models are in place, very often only a small percentage of fees are put at risk. 


At the same time, companies buying employee health care and benefit plans are increasingly looking for guarantees of outcomes and return on investment. Meru Health has been pioneering value-based pricing models since 2017 and is now moving to a 100% fees-at-risk model with industry-leading, guaranteed outcomes. 


This new pricing structure delivers care with fees at risk for clinical, access, and engagement outcomes. Unlike a traditional fee-for-service approach, this pricing structure incentivizes both Meru Health and its employer or health plan clients by encouraging enrollment, delivering quality care with measurable outcomes, managing costs effectively, and achieving medical cost savings: Published cost savings analyses show that Meru Health has achieved total savings and productivity improvements of $6,000 per patient in the first 12 months of treatment for depression and anxiety disorders.


“We founded Meru Health to change how mental health care is delivered and to help millions of people actually heal, not just get by,” said Kristian Ranta, founder and CEO of Meru Health. “Our mental and brain health are intimately tied to our physical health. This is why Meru Health is taking a comprehensive approach in treating conditions like depression and anxiety that goes beyond the traditional talk therapy or medication model. I could not be more excited that Meru Health is now offering its services to healthcare payers with a 100% fees-at-risk pricing model.”


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