A huge leap forward for mental health care

Meru Health’s therapist-led, continuous-care approach is both more personalized and more flexible than existing models of mental health care. And it works. We help people get better faster. Welcome to the new science of feeling better. 

How Meru Health works

Our holistic mind-body approach combines dedicated therapist support, behavioral science, and breakthrough technology to deliver industry-leading outcomes.

Mind-Body approach

Science has shown that sleep and nutrition affect mental health, and vice versa. So Meru takes a holistic mind-body approach to create real change.


One of the best ways to see the mind-body connection is by tracking heartrate variability (HRV). Meru’s wearable HRV device lets people do just that. 

Continuous Care

Scheduled talk therapy can be tricky. What if someone can’t wait until next week? Meru’s continuous-care model delivers care when it’s needed.

How it works diagram

The 12-week treatment program

Our 12-week program uses weekly themes to help participants approach mental health from various angles. This makes overcoming current challenges more manageable while also helping participants develop skills and habits to prevent relapses.

No one else has outcomes like this.

Advancing the science of mental health

After program completion, 73% of Meru participants show clinically significant improvement, and 59% are in remission from symptoms of depression or anxiety. 

Meru Health treatment:
A comprehensive solution

Chat-based therapist and psychiatrist support to meet modern schedules.

A video call with your therapist to assess your needs and discuss next steps.

The mind and the body talk to each other. HRVB helps you listen. 

Structured content for overcoming mental health challenges.

Anonymous connection with participants facing similar situations.

Addressing the established physical inputs of emotional health.

Sleep better so you can feel better, and feel better so you can sleep better. 

Meru Health also offers an eight-week coaching option for participants who don’t require the comprehensive support of the 12-week treatment program.

“As the Director of HR, I know how essential mental health is to our staff. We made coaching available to our employees to help them cope with life’s challenges. That coaching was a huge lifeline to them. I received many calls of appreciation and compliments of the coaching program through Meru Health. I personally benefited as well.”

Paulette Hansen, Director of Career Development

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