Change is hard. Meru Health isn’t.

Learn how our 12-week treatment program empowers you with the tools to understand, manage, and change your mental health–for good.

How Meru Health works

Our holistic mind-body approach combines dedicated therapist support, behavioral science, and breakthrough technology to deliver industry-leading outcomes.

Continuous care

Mental health doesn’t wait for the calendar. That’s why Meru Health’s licensed therapists are available via both scheduled video calls and unlimited in-app chat.

Just 12 weeks

Meru Health is a focused 12-week program that has been clinically proven to deliver superior and long-lasting results. This is effective mental health care for real-life schedules.

Connecting mind and body

Mental health isn’t just mental. Nutrition, sleep, and even simple breath directly impact mental health. Meru Health’s wearable device shows this connection in action.

The 12-week treatment program

Our program includes 12 distinct themes to help you address mental health from all angles. This makes overcoming challenges more manageable and allows you to develop skills and habits to prevent relapse.

We break down mental health so you can break through to better well-being.

Real people. Real results.

Lasting changes with Meru Health

94% feel better in just 12 weeks.

Nearly 60% of members are in remission for symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Meru Health treatment:
A comprehensive solution

Chat-based therapist and psychiatrist support to meet modern schedules.

A video call with your therapist to assess your needs and discuss next steps.

The mind and the body talk to each other. HRVB helps you listen. 

Structured content for overcoming mental health challenges.

Anonymous connection with participants facing similar situations.

Addressing the established physical inputs of emotional health.

Sleep better so you can feel better, and feel better so you can sleep better. 

“I’ve learned to pull myself out of thinking traps that normally would have caused me to spiral and end up not being able to get out of bed for days. The HRVb is also great for learning to self-regulate. I still use it daily. I am so grateful for everything I’ve learned from this program.”

Krista, Meru Health verified patient