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Whether you’re trying to address your own mental health or  seeking care for patients, health plan members, or an employee population, we’re here to help.

The pillars of the Meru Health experience

Human centered

We believe individuals are the best drivers of their own change but that they can benefit greatly from expert guidance and support.

Outcomes focused

We are committed to delivering better outcomes than traditional talk therapy and antidepressants, and to quantifying long-term change.

Clinically validated

We will continue to advance the science of mental healthcare through clinical studies and published research.

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“My relationship with my husband and kids is stronger than ever. I feel balanced and hopeful. And I have learned to recognize the early signs of anxiety and the spiral of negativity that lands me in depression. When I feel this way I pull up the app, try a practice or two and inevitably feel more centered and balanced. Meru was worth every second I put into it!”

Anonymous client, Meru Health Participant

No one else has outcomes like this.