Sleep Hygiene

We’ll help you sleep better so you can feel better, and feel better so you can sleep better. It’s pretty wonderful.

Sleep is medicine

Learn the art of sleeping better

Most people who suffer from stress, burnout, depression or anxiety also have sleep disturbances. And poor sleep can exacerbate all of those issues. Meru helps you break that cycle with guidance and techniques to improve your sleep. You’ll fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and awake feeling more refreshed than you have in a long time.

Rest easy. Meru Health has you covered.

Sleep sound, wake up energized. Be ready to face the day.

Learn why sleep is essential for physical and emotional health

Weekly tips and guidance on better sleep

Help and support in establishing healthy habits

Practices to help you incorporate new sleep habits in your life

Guided meditations

Personal sleep hygiene plan

Let's make this work for you.

Personalised recommendations from your dedicated therapist.

Daily prompts to keep you on track

Extra resources to help dive deeper

Guided lessons

Life happens between appointments. So we built Meru Health around life, rather than schedules.


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Personal support

Let's make this work for you

why we're different

Decide your level of involvement

You decide how deep you want to go in each topic. If sleep is central in your wellbeing journey, we will provide you with necessary support to make sure you will get your sleeping habits in check.

“With the aid of the app I learned to cut back on my extreme work hours and to practice self-compassion and kindness when I’m gripped with anxiety. Getting more rest and minimizing the anxiety has been the key to significantly reducing the depression.”

Mar, Meru Health participant

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