Effective mental healthcare without the waitlists

Continuous access to therapists and coaches‚ in a program clinically shown to deliver better outcomes than traditional models of care.

Let’s change people’s minds about changing people’s minds

Mental health isn’t just mental. That’s why we connect mind and body via chat-based therapy, biofeedback, structured lessons, and skills practices that help participants address the present and develop the resilience they need for the future.

Continuous support

After an introductory video session with a therapist or coach to discuss their current situations and how the program can help, participants enjoy unlimited text-based support, no appointments needed.

Mind-body connection

Your Meru wearable tracker—plus personalized sleep and nutrition guidance—helps participants measure and improve the connection between mental and physical health.

Covered by health insurance

In addition to being offered as a free benefit by employers across the U.S., Meru Health is covered by several major health plans.

Let's take a breath

Deep, slow, controlled breathing reduces stress by telling the “fight or flight” part of your nervous system to relax. The science on this is well established, and we put it into practice with both heart rate variability data and guided breath work.

Here’s a sample. Try it. You’ll feel better.

Real results backed by clinical research

Advancing the science of mental health

After program completion, 73% of Meru participants show clinically significant improvement, and 59% are in remission from symptoms of depression or anxiety. 

59% Improvement Remission 73% Clinically significant improvement of Meru participants Remission from symptoms of depression or anxiety of Meru completers

A few of our research partners

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“Meru not only taught me strategies to manage anxiety and depression but also gave me structure and accountability to practice them. By the end, I felt like a completely different person. Actually, let me rephrase that—I feel like myself again, something that has been missing for a long time.“

— Meru Health participant

why we're different

Welcome to the fourth wave of mental healthcare

Meru Health is a fundamentally new approach that is more effective and accessible than existing models.

Holistic: We lean into the established science of the mind-body connection.

Better: Clinically shown to exceed the outcomes of traditional models.

Faster: Therapist availability within days. Clinical improvements within weeks.

Proven: Backed by a robust and growing set of studies and published research.

our story

Pioneering the new science of feeling better

We’re a team of behavioral health professionals, scientists, and engineers dedicated to advancing the science of mental health. Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional talk therapy, pharmaceuticals, and telehealth by combining the best of those categories with biofeedback and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. The result: Better outcomes and for more people than anything that came before.

Questions? We have answers.

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