Evidence-based Treatment for Depression, Anxiety and Burnout

The New Standard of Mental Healthcare

Meru Health offers a complete and clinically proven treatment program for depression, anxiety, and burnout with long-lasting outcomes.

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A comprehensive mental health solution.

Quick access to care


Get connected with your Meru Health therapist within 2 days of first point of contact.

High completion rate

Compared to the completion rate of standard care 40-60%, 89% of all participants complete the 12-week program with significant relief in experienced symptoms.

Groundbreaking outcomes


We’ve published 2 peer-reviewed papers and 2 of our papers are currently in peer review waiting to be published.

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What is Meru Health?


Meru Health's digital clinic offers an app-based treatment program for depression, anxiety, and burnout. The program combines technology, evidence-based therapy, anonymous peer support and daily support from licensed clinicians - the new standard of mental healthcare.

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Evidence-based treatment program

Our treatment program has been validated by clinical research published in peer-reviewed journals. It combines elements from mindfulness-based, cognitive behavioral and behavioral activation therapy as well as, nutrition and sleep coaching. Treatment lasts for 12 weeks and we follow up with the participants for 2 years after the program.


HRV BioFeedback

Low heart rate variability (HRV) is associated with both medical and psychiatric disorders. HRV-Biofeedback trains our autonomic nervous system using breathing practices. As a result of this HRV training, our body is able to perform better in challenging situations and recover from stress optimally.

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Experienced Care Team

Our licensed clinicians monitor and are in contact with our program participants on a daily basis. We report treatment outcomes and progress securely to referring healthcare professionals.


Evidence based treatment

The Meru Health program provides evidence-based treatment modalities with outcomes that have been validated in peer-reviewed journals


Average Depression Symptom Reduction (PHQ-9)

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For healthcare professionals

Meru Health is a turn-key solution for your patients suffering from behavioral health challenges. As your trusted partner, we help you manage this challenging patient population by making the referral process easy and giving your patients quick access to quality treatment.


For health plans

Meru Health offers quick access to scientifically-proven treatment with long-lasting treatment outcomes. You can save money on your expensive population and have the possibility to bill through claims.


For employers

Provide your employees better access to mental healthcare with Meru health. With Meru Health, your employees get fast and easy access to a clinically proven treatment tackling depression, anxiety and burnout with long-lasting treatment outcomes.

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Peer-reviewed research

Meru Health’s outcomes have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Meru Health collaborates with top universities and research institutions advancing the science of what is possible in depression and anxiety treatment.




HEalth Professional

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Dr. Susan Conolly, M.D., Harvard Medical School

I highly recommend the Meru Health Program to everyone - whether dealing with depression or burnout, or simply seeking a more positive and peaceful life experience.”


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Mary, Tech Employee

Meru Health program turned out to be a very valuable tool for me. It supported me in challenging life situations as well as in everyday life. The program taught me to switch off from autopilot and let go of negative thinking traps that have contributed to my depression and anxiety.”


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Layla, Mother & Entrepreneur

Meru Health’s Digital Clinic was a wonderful way for ensuring I schedule some time every day for my personal growth and happiness. I’d recommend this program for all busy Mompreneurs who wish to install mindfulness into their lives in a time efficient and effective way."


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