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“About us” seems a bit beside the point, since our focus is 100 percent about our participants. But this is who we are and how we got here.

Our mission is more than business. It’s personal.

This is why we're here

We founded Meru Health in 2016 after having lost family members to mental health struggles and having seen so many others struggle with their own mental health care. We learned that access to mental health care was severely lacking—and that the care that was available was often not working for people.

Mental health isn’t just mental. The science on how food, sleep, and even breathing can effect mood—and how mood can effect physical wellbeing—is well established. Yet so much of the mental health care landscape was ignoring this. Traditional talk therapy and psychiatric medicines aren’t enough or—in so many cases—even necessary. We felt that a more holistic approach could deliver better and faster results—and for far more people. That’s why say we’re building the new standard of mental health care.

—Kristian, Riku and Albert

Our Leadership Team

Our multinational team brings deep experience in mental health, health care, and technology.

Brett Shrewsbury

Chief Commercial Officer

Shannon McFarlin

VP of Clinical Operations

Our Advisors

Our approach is informed and backed by some of the most innovative minds in mental health care.

Dr. Markus Rantala

PhD Biology and Psychology, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Daniel Kraft

Stanford and Harvard trained MD, innovator and inventor

Dr. Paul Lehrer

PhD Psychology, Professor of Psychiatry Rutgers, Advisor for Meru Health

Dr. Elissa Epel

PhD Psychology, Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF

Peter Bridges

Business and commercial strategy, behavioral health

Dr. Inna Khazan

HRV-biofeedback and mindfulness expert, Harvard Medical School, PhD Psychology

Our Care Team

The experience of every Meru Health treatment participant is personally overseen by a dedicated licensed therapist.

Collaboration at Meru Health
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Join a diverse, inclusive, and compassionate team that is revolutionizing mental health care.

Our Values


Because our mission is personal, we genuinely believe in our work, and we do it with enthusiasm and positivity.


Integrity is the alignment of values and actions. We exhibit this—individually and collectively—with consistency and honesty.


We believe in openness, accountability, and stellar communication—with our employees and our partners.


Delivering on our mission requires risktaking and comfort with uncertainty—even when our beliefs run counter to established paradigms.


Through our work we are supporting people struggling with mental health challenges and giving people the tools they need to improve their lives.

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