Meru Talks:

Meru’s 12-week program helps you address the present and sets you up for a lifetime of better mental health. And it’s covered by several major health plans.

Meru Talks

Join Meru Health experts and guests as we dive into the new science of feeling better. We discuss the latest trends in mental health care and offer advice for individuals, caregivers, and employee wellness professionals looking to help themselves or others.

Dr. Paul Lehrer will introduce us to the world of Biofeedback: What is it, what are the mind-body mechanisms behind it, and how can we use biofeedback techniques to better manage stress and improve wellbeing?

How can Emotional Intelligence help us in pursuit of better resilience, stress management, and overall wellbeing?

Why do we get depressed? And why has depression increased dramatically in the past decades? In this video, evolutionary psychologist double-doctorate Markus J. Rantala, explains his view on the topic.

Dr. Goldin shares with us how we can train our minds with CBT, Mindfulness and Compassion Cultivation

Dr. Epel introduces us to the world of Integrative Mental Health and how food, movement, and supplements are some of the most underutilized and powerful mental health interventions.

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