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Healthy Connections: Navigating Adult Friendships

In this webinar we’ll explore the connections between attachment, adult friendships, and mental health. Learn how our early attachment experiences shape the way we form and maintain friendships — and the profound impact these relationships have on our well-being.

Body Battery

How closely do we pay attention to our own body battery to ensure we stay charged throughout the day? This webinar dives in to self-care strategies and being mindful of how our time is spent to help you stay charged!

Good Food, Good Mood

Ever wonder how the food you eat affects your mood? Join us for a webinar that explores the connection between the food you consume and it’s impact, both positive and negative, on your mental health. We will learn about the “Gut-Brain Connection” and discover exciting ways that food can have a positive impact on symptoms of anxiety and depression. We’ll also learn other strategies and life-style factors that can have a positive impact on your mood.

Making Changes that Stick

There are a lot of resolutions floating around right now. And many of them seem like good ideas. Today we will talk about how to actually make them happen! Year after year you have goals to improve your well being, but how often do they become reality?

In this Meru Health Grad Webinar you will learn tools to create a plan to change your life.

Holiday Blues

If you find yourself unable to embrace the holiday spirit, join us for our upcoming webinar for a time of connection. Come together with others facing similar struggles and discover ways to navigate this season together.

This Not That: Using Compassion and Gratitude to Soften Stress and Guilt

In this webinar, you’ll learn simple, powerful “antidotes” for feelings like guilt, shame, anger, worry or sadness. Find ways to acknowledge those emotions while letting go of some of their weight and gravity. You’ll leave with strategies for the holidays and the “every-days.”

The Slippery Slope of Caregiver Burnout

In this workshop we’ll explore what compassion fatigue is, what causes it, and how to protect ourselves from going there or walking ourselves back from it if we’re in the muck of it.

Reducing Perfectionism While Increasing Self Compassion

In this Meru Graduates Webinar you will learn to recognize perfectionistic traits and how these traits make daily functioning more difficult and less satisfying. We will then learn ways to reduce these struggles and improve self compassion practices.

Thriving in Stressful Times: Getting Back-to-YOU

Resiliency is our capacity to adjust, adapt and rise to the occasion. As we head into the new school year and transition away from summer, many of us are facing the challenge of change. In this workshop, Meru Health Therapist and Clinical Team Lead Trish Jonker, LPC, will lead you through informative and practical strategies to help you not only survive but thrive this season. Together we will learn how to build our own resilience so you can get Back to You.