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Meru Health Continuing Education Provider Policies

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows XP or higher, MacOS 9 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Google Chrome, Firefox 10.0 or higher. Broadband Internet connection: Cable, High- speed DSL & any other medium that is internet accessible.

Program Fees Policy

If a program incurs a cost, fees will be due at time of enrollment. Failure to make payment will result in cancellation of registration, and the potential participant will be notified of this status. If a program is free, this will be noted in the course description and promotional materials.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

If a program incurs a cost, program participants may request a refund of purchase price within 48 hours of the program’s start. Once this period has passed, no refund is available except in cases of technical malfunction on the part of Meru Health.

Although we do not guarantee a particular outcome, the individual can expect us to consider the complaint, make any necessary decisions and respond within 30 business days. For any grievances filed by a social worker that escalate to a formal grievance, Meru Health’s Social Work Consultant to the Continuing Education Task Force will be involved in the resolution of the matter.

Grievances may include but are not limited to: Concerns regarding payment and refund
requests, course content, speakers, facilities, non-receipt of certificates, or other  miscellaneous occurrences.

The following steps will be followed in addressing stated grievances:

The individual expressing the grievance should submit their grievance in writing to the Continuing Education inbox ([email protected]).

The written grievance statement will be reviewed by the Continuing Education Director/Program Administrator, the ACEP Administrator, the Social Work Consultant, as applicable, and other organizational members based on experience and professional area of specialization.

The concern will be thoroughly discussed among these individuals.

A decision will be reached democratically by the Continuing Education Director/Program Administrator, the ACEP Administrator, the Social Work Consultant, as applicable, and other organizational members hearing the grievance.

The issuer of the grievance will receive a written response from Meru Health.

Information from the grievance complaint and resolution will be used to improve future continuing education programming and protocol.

The grievance will be reported to ACE/NBCC in compliance with accreditation standards.

As an example of the resolution an individual might expect to receive, if the grievance is regarding a workshop offering, its content, level of presentation, or the setting in which the workshop was offered, possible resolutions may include, but are not limited to: providing a partial or full refund of the program fee providing a credit for a future program.

Confidentiality of Information

Meru Health makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of participant information, including the identity of participants and the information and materials submitted to Meru Health and its representatives by the participants. Meru Health maintains a policy concerning the confidentiality and security of participant information. All information gathered is used by Meru Health for purposes of record keeping, continuing education verification, and quality improvement and control. Your personal information is kept on secure servers and will never be sold to third parties.