Initial Term: 8 weeks, 1 face-to-face session, chat support, in-app learning


Coaching sessions are confidential, except in cases of reported abuse, or imminent threats to your own life or that of others, or as required by law. For the purpose of coordinating with other health care providers to support your goals, any information disclosed will require a written consent. Feedback to others will not be provided unless requested to do so by you and discussed together. All company information disclosed will remain confidential to the company.

Coaching is not Therapy. Your coach will not treat complex or chronic psychological issues such as depression and anxiety. If any mental health concerns arise during the coaching engagement, your coach will suggest you to seek consultation with a licensed therapist or medical professional, and may guide you toward those resources within Meru Health, or in your local community.  

Any advice or suggestions given by the coach are done so on the clear understanding that the client, at all times, remains responsible for their decisions, actions and outcomes of those actions, and that the coach does not in any way share that responsibility. The client is actively encouraged to decline any suggestions that they feel inappropriate and to provide feedback on any aspect of the coaching engagement and relationship.

As part of the coach’s on-going professional development, client hours and contacts are logged for accreditation with the International Coach Federation (ICF) who may choose to verify with the client the hours of coaching. The ICF receives only your contact details and the coach does not reveal any content of the sessions.

Feedback and Outcome Assessments: We welcome your feedback about how best to support you. After each session, you will be invited to give an anonymous evaluation, and we hope you feel comfortable to discuss any feedback during your session as well. Also very importantly, you will be asked to complete Outcome Assessments at the beginning, during and at the end of the coaching program. Please complete them as accurately as possible, as they help us keep track of the effectiveness of your coaching process. 


When unable to make a scheduled meeting or call, please reschedule by replying to the Video Call Confirmation email, providing 24 hours notice if possible.


The Client hereby retains Meru Health as “Coach” for the purpose of assisting the Client to develop Emotional Intelligence competencies, communication skills, management skills, and interpersonal relationships as they apply to reaching goals. I understand that coaching is not professional therapy, I will get appropriate professional help for mental health issues, if necessary; and I am free to reject any advice, suggestion(s) or request(s) made by my Coach at any time. I understand that I am fully responsible for my own decisions regardless of what is talked about in the coaching offered by Meru Health coaching engagements.