Cultivating Self-Compassion to Build Your Resilience

One of the most powerful tools that can build your resilience and your innate sense of self-worth is the practice of self-compassion. Self-compassion is a skill that everyone can build, it’s an inner muscle that can change how you perceive yourself and how you respond to your inner critic. In this webinar you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of this practice by breaking down some of the common myths and learning and experimenting with different ways to cultivate self-compassion.

How Feelings Inform Your Boundaries

In this webinar we’ll explore the need for boundary setting, different types of boundaries, and how we can utilize our emotions as data for when to set boundaries.

Making Conscious Decisions

you’ll have the opportunity to explore and discover your hidden drivers, reflect on their impact and what you want to change, and learn techniques that are based in neuroscience to change where you have influence.