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Mental health is physical health.

Better physical health leads to better mental health, and better emotional regulation improves physical health. Meru Health’s personalized mental health care helps you bridge mind-body wellness with dedicated therapists and clinically proven digital tools.

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How Meru Health works

Continuous therapist support

Mental health doesn’t wait for the calendar – neither should your mental health care. That’s why your licensed Meru Health therapist is available via both scheduled face-to-face video sessions and unlimited in-app chat.  

Just 12 weeks

Meru Health is a focused 12-week program that has been clinically proven to deliver superior and long-lasting results. This is effective mental health care for real-life schedules. 

Connecting the mind and the body

Mental health isn’t just mental. Nutrition, sleep, and even simple breathing directly impact your mental health. With Meru Health’s wearable heart-rate variability device, you can see this connection in action.

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Your initial visit carries your standard cost share for a virtual visit. After that, Moda Health pays 100% of the cost of the program.

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“I was blown away by how good HRV biofeedback made me feel. That’s where I realized this is a company that is not just bringing you meditations and stuff but is also bringing you physical tools. You get to experience this beautiful connection with your physiology.”

Ben Rein, PhD | Meru Health participant

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Meru Health's program differ from individual therapy?

Meru Health’s clinically proven 12 week-program includes a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, anonymous peer support, a biofeedback device, and evidence-based digital content for sleep, nutrition, and more. All of this can be accessed from a smartphone. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will learn and practice skills for long-term mental wellbeing, all with the daily support of a dedicated therapist.

Will my information be private?

Privacy is a fundamental right and core value at Meru Health. Our HIPAA Compliant platform ensures your personal information is protected and encrypted at all times. We value your privacy and will not share any identifiable information with your employer or anyone else, giving you control over your private information.

If you would like your healthcare provider(s) to access your health records, electronic consent is required.

Note: We follow HIPAA regulations and requirements to ensure your information is protected and safe, according to federal and state laws.

Who is eligible for Meru Health, and how much does it cost?

Adults 18+ are eligible for Meru Health’s program using their mental health benefits. There are four billing incidences- an intake call and three separate monthly treatment bills.

Members are subject to the co-pay/deductible/coinsurance. Cost varies based on plan type. Members pay the equivalent of a behavioral health outpatient fee for co-pay plans. We accept HSA/FSA to cover any cost.

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