Evidence-based Treatment for Depression, Anxiety and Burnout
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An Innovative Treatment Option for Your Members with Depression and Anxiety

Meru Health expands your behavioral health network and treatment capacity as well as helping lower costs for members with comorbid health conditions.

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Why Meru Health?

The Meru Health solution is a scientifically proven 12-week program to treat patients with depression, anxiety, and burnout by providing quick access to care and daily support from a licensed therapist.
Quick access to care


Patients get connected to a licensed Meru Health therapist within 2 days of first point of contact.

Long lasting treatment outcomes



83% of patients show improvement at the end of the program. Contrary to traditional treatments, the response improves up until 12 months after the treatment.

Superior network capacity


Our HIPAA compliant dashboard gives our therapists' superpowers. They help patients achieve exceptional treatment outcomes while seeing 6x more patients than in traditional care.

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Peer-reviewed research


Meru Health’s outcomes have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Meru Health collaborates with top universities and research institutions advancing the science of what is possible in depression and anxiety treatment.


Our solution

A 12-week app based program with daily support from licensed clinicians and an anonymous peer support group to treat anxiety, depression and burnout


Evidence based treatment program

Our treatment program has been validated by clinical research published in peer-reviewed journals. It combines elements from mindfulness-based, cognitive behavioral and behavioral activation therapy as well as, nutrition and sleep coaching. Treatment lasts for 12 weeks and we follow up with the participants for 2 years after the program.


HRV BioFeedback

Low heart rate variability (HRV) is associated with both medical and psychiatric disorders. HRV-Biofeedback trains our autonomic nervous system using breathing practices. As a result of this HRV training, our body is able to perform better in challenging situations and recover from stress optimally.

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Experienced Care Team

Our licensed clinicians monitor and are in contact with our program participants on a daily basis. We report treatment outcomes and progress securely to referring healthcare professionals.

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Lauren Vela , Senior Director at Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH)

Lauren Vela, Senior Director at Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH)

Pacific Business Group on Health selected Meru Health as a partner to pilot better mental health integration with primary care. Through this program, our employer Members can offer quick and easy access to effective mental health care that is not siloed and separated from medical care. We saw Meru Health as a great partner because of their existing credibility among provider groups, and their focus on measurable patient outcomes.
PBGH is a purchaser-only coalition, representing 60 public and private organizations across the U.S that collectively spend $40 billion a year purchasing healthcare services for 10 million Americans.
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Participant journey

We offer a simple referral and treatment process to give the best possible care for your patients while keeping you updated on the progress.



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1.Patient referral

Meru Health supports referrals from PCP’s, EAP’s, Disease Management, Self-Referral, etc.

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2. Onboarding Call

Referral call/video call will be scheduled with a matched and dedicated personal Meru therapist within 1-4 days of referral.

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3. Download link + shipping a biofeedback device

After the call, an email is sent to download the Meru app from the AppStore or Google Play store. Additionally  a biofeedback device is  shipped to the  participant’s address

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4. Program starts

The patient gets connected to an anonymous peer support group and is introduced to a psychiatrist. 

5. Program ongoing for 12-weeks

Participants learn weekly themes from pre-recorded video/audio lessons (CBT, mindfulness etc.) and get daily support from their dedicated care team

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6. Outcome report

Participant and physician receive report with outcomes and  further recommendations. 



HEalth Professional

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Dr. Susan Conolly, M.D., Harvard Medical School

I highly recommend the Meru Health Program to everyone - whether dealing with depression or burnout, or simply seeking a more positive and peaceful life experience.”


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Mary, Tech Employee

Meru Health program turned out to be a very valuable tool for me. It supported me in challenging life situations as well as in everyday life. The program taught me to switch off from autopilot and let go of negative thinking traps that have contributed to my depression and anxiety.”


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Layla, Mother & Entrepreneur

Meru Health’s Digital Clinic was a wonderful way for ensuring I schedule some time every day for my personal growth and happiness. I’d recommend this program for all busy Mompreneurs who wish to install mindfulness into their lives in a time efficient and effective way."


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