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Media articles and Press Releases

23rd September 2019
Medgadget - Meru Health Offers Biofeedback Tracking with New Wearable

17th September 2019
MobiHealthNews - Meru Health launches wearable companion to track biofeedback

29th August 2019
MobiHealthNews - Meru Health's online program takes on physician burnout

6th June 2019
INC. - Building a Mental Health Care Technology Company

23rd May 2019
PCMag - This 12-Week Mental Health Program Lives in Your Phone

25th April 2019
PR Newswire - Meru Health raises $4.2M in Funding and Publishes Strong Clinical Outcomes

22nd February 2019
Forbes - Mental Health Hacks For Entrepreneurs

24th January 2019
MobiHealthNews - Stanford, VA Palo Alto Health Care System launch trial of digital depression therapy program

28th November 2018
Forbes - Mental Health Is A Growing Concern: Here Are Some Ways Entrepreneurs Can Cope

5th July 2018
Anxiety and Depression Association of America - Revolutionizing Depression Treatment with Digital Therapeutics

25th June 2018
TechCrunch - Meru Health wants to make mental health care more accessible

12th June 2018
INC. - Fighting Depression? Here's a New, Low-Cost Way to Get Treatment, Right From Your Smartphone

18th April 2018
Mobihealthnews - Finnish Student Health System, Meru Health and eClinicalHealth team up for depression study

3rd January 2018
Meru Health to Present at the Biotech Showcase™ Annual Conference on January 9th 2018

27th August 2017
PAMF and Meru Health Partner to Pilot Digital Burnout and Depression Reduction Program among Physicians

24th August 2017
Mobihealthnews - Palo Alto Medical Foundation taps Meru Health for digital therapeutic for depression


Press contact

Kristian Ranta (CEO)

Phone: +1 650 740 9404  or +358 456 733 313, Email: kristian@meruhealth.com


Company overview

Website: http://meruhealth.com

Founded: 2016

Employees: 28

Social: TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram

US: 470 Ramona St, Palo Alto, CA 94301

EU: Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180, Helsinki, Finland

Our Story

We are on a mission to empower 10 million people suffering from mental health challenges by 2027

We are scientists, engineers and experienced entrepreneurs who have come together to make mental health treatment accessible, significantly more effective and truly outcome-driven. Our mission is more than business; it’s personal. Our founders have lost friends and family members to depression, and we want to do everything in our power to help people who suffer.



PASSION Because our mission is personal, we genuinely believe in our work, and we do it with enthusiasm and positivity. We believe that putting our heart into our work is when true creativity comes to life, making almost anything possible.

TRANSPARENCY We believe in openness, accountability and stellar communication. We believe in saying and expressing things as they are, as a foundation for building trust among our employees and partners.

INTEGRITY Integrity is the alignment of values, thoughts, words and actions. Our commitment to integrity means we operate as individuals and as a company from the highest moral principles, acting on our values with consistency and honesty.

COURAGE Doing our work with courage is about taking risks and confronting the uncertain, as well as believing in ourselves and our dreams. Courage is also about doing the right thing, even when it confronts established paradigms.

COMPASSION Through our work, and corporate social responsibility efforts, we are reducing suffering for people with depression and anxiety, empowering them with the tools they need to improve their lives.



CEO, Kristian Ranta


Prior to founding Meru Health, Kristian co-founded and ran diabetes technology company Mendor that raised over $25M in venture capital and developed glucose monitors and glucose data analytics for improving diabetes care. In 2015 Mendor’s glucose monitoring business was sold to Korean public company i-Sens. Even earlier, Kristian was the lead guitarist of an internationally known heavy metal band called Norther

COO, Riku Lindholm


Prior to founding Meru Health, Riku worked at Mendor with Kristian. While running the operations at Meru Health, Riku is finalizing The Path to Product/Market Fit book on customer development including insights from successful startup founders such as Mikkel Svane (Zendesk), Russel Simmons (Yelp) and Tim Trefren (MixPanel).  In the past, Riku worked at one of the Europe's leading venture capital firms called Open Ocean Capital.

CTO, Albert Nazander


Prior to founding Meru Health, Albert worked at Thinglink, a US-based tech startup as well as Elisa, one of the largest tele-operators in the Nordics.