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Press contact

Kristian Ranta (CEO), phone: +358 456 733 313, email: kristian@meruhealth.com

Company overview:

Website: http://meruhealth.com

Founded: 2015

Social: Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, Instagram

Employees: 6

Address: 470 Ramona St, Palo Alto, CA 94301


Our Story

We are scientists, engineers and experienced entrepreneurs with a big vision to make mental healthcare accessible, engaging and outcome driven. We want to help humanity become more empowered and happy. We are people with strong and sound value base, and when Meru Health was founded, we wanted to incorporate our values to become the company’s values as well.

Our values

1. We are positive, passionate and persistent

2. We believe in beautiful customer-centric design

3. We are transparent and honest

4. We believe in driving the changes we want to see in the World


Meru Health founders from left to rigth: Riku Lindholm (COO), Kristian Ranta (CEO) & Albert Nazander (CTO)

Meru Health founders from left to rigth: Riku Lindholm (COO), Kristian Ranta (CEO) & Albert Nazander (CTO)

  • CEO, Kristian Ranta (@ihqkristian). Prior to founding Meru Health, Kristian co-founded and ran diabetes technology company Mendor that raised over $25M in venture capital and developed glucose monitors and glucose data analytics for improving diabetes care. Even earlier, Kristian was the lead guitarist of an internationally known heavy metal band called Norther
  • COO, Riku Lindholm (@rikulindholm).  Prior founding Meru Health, Riku worked at Mendor with Kristian. While running the operations at Meru Health, Riku is finalising The Path to Product/Market Fit  book on customer development including insights from sucesful startup founders such as Mikkel Svane (Zendesk), Russel Simmons (Yelp), Tim Trefren (MixPanel).  In the past, Riku worked at one of the Europe's leading venture capital firms called Open Ocean Capital. 
  • CTO, Albert Nazander (@alizbazar). Prior founding Meru Health, Albert worked at Thinglink, a US-based tech startup as well as Elisa, one of the largest teleoperators in the Nordics.