Evidence-based Treatment for Depression, Anxiety and Burnout

Novel Technology Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment

A comprehensive and clinically proven treatment program for depression, anxiety and burnout with long-lasting outcomes

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A comprehensive mental health solution.


Meru Health's digital clinic offers an app-based treatment program for depression, burnout and anxiety. The program combines technology, evidence-based therapy and daily support from licensed clinicians - the new standard of mental healthcare.

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Program that adapts to individual needs

Our clinically proven treatment program combines latest evidence-based therapy modalities with HRV-biofeedback, sleep science and nutritional psychiatry. This complete treatment approach helps participants achieve transformational results.

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12-week program

Our 12-week program is divided into weekly themes in which we focus on tackling mental health challenges with multiple approaches and by building habits to prevent relapses.


1.Mind on autopilot

2.The Negativity Spiral

3.Mood and Motivation

4.Worries and Thinking Traps

5.Facing difficult emotions


7.Exploring Values

8.Boundaries and Relationships

9.Sleeping Better

10.A Healthy Plate

11.Nutritional and hormonal imbalances

12.Maintaining life balance


Continuous care team support

In contrast to conventional therapy, our care team of licensed and experienced therapists and psychiatrists support and monitor participants on a daily basis. This allows us to dynamically help program participants in their daily lives and support them where they need the most help. Our team completes the care loop by reporting progress to your primary care provider.

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HRV biofeedback

Today, a lot of people are in a state of constant stress. When you are stressed your body and mind are in a stress state, In other words your sympathetic (activation) nervous system is active and your parasympathetic (rest) nervous system is inactive. HRV Biofeedback strengthens your parasympathetic system which allows you to recover and improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

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A modern way to measure your recovery

A modern way to improve and track your mental wellbeing. When you are stressed, burned out, depressed or anxious, your body and mind are not in their normal rest and digest state. Your heart rate variability (HRV) reflects your body’s and mind’s current stress status and capability for recovery. We help you take charge of your own health and track your recovery




Anonymous peer support group

Participants connect with and learn from an anonymous peer group. Our participants have reported that knowing that other people are facing similar challenges and going through the program at the same time is tremendously beneficial




Nutritional psychiatry

Research shows that food affects mood. What this means is that certain foods and nutrients are more beneficial to your mind and body than others. As an example, processed foods have been shown to increase your risk of depression. We give you practical guidance to improve your diet so that you can feel a lot better. We help you understand how you can change your life by selecting the right foods to eat and avoiding the wrong ones.



Sleep medicine

Proper sleep is extremely important for mental and physical wellbeing. Most people who suffer from stress, burnout, depression or anxiety also have sleep disturbances. We help you with practical guidance and techniques on how to improve your sleep. We can help you not only fall asleep better but also to stay asleep and to improve your overall sleep quality so that you can recover properly.




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