Meru Health Ascend™

A transformative, cost-effective program for self-insured employers and health systems that brings precision medicine to the treatment of depression. The 8-week Meru Health Ascend™ mobile program helps to improve participant outcomes by deploying a unique combination of:

  • Proprietary Algorithm that combines Biometric, Behavioral, and Self-Report Data to Personalize Care
  • Personal Therapist and Anonymous Peer-Group Support
  • Evidence-based Psychological Interventions (Mindfulness, CBT, Behavioral Activation)

We put the power of healing back in the hands of the individual

Meru Health Experience

Your doctors, or our smart screening service, can identify and help you reach people who would benefit from the Meru Health Ascend™ program.

Step 1


Step 2

Suitable participants are contacted by a Meru Health therapist.


Step 3

Participants complete an 8-week Meru Health™ program that is designed to reduce depression symptoms. Meru Health's therapists support participants on a daily basis. 


Step 4

Confidential outcome report generated and includes change in depressive symptoms, level of program engagement, and a therapist statement.



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