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This is what it feels like to feel better.

Meru Health’s personalized coaching program for emotional wellbeing helps members develop skills for reducing stress, increasing resilience, and unlocking their best selves. This is a FREE program available to you and your household members age 18+.

Meru Health Coaching

Continuous support

In addition to scheduled video sessions, your coach will be available for daily support and motivation via in-app chat. This kind of guidance is invaluable as you begin building habits and incorporating new skills into your daily life.

Just eight weeks

The eight-week Meru Health coaching program includes in-app lessons and activities that will guide you through proven methods for recognizing and managing your emotions.

Amazing outcomes

More than 70 percent of people who complete the Meru coaching program report noticeable improvements in their wellbeing, such as feeling less stressed and more optimistic.

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needs, and goals, and learn more about the program.

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I’ve really enjoyed Meru Health. The program has helped me to understand the value in slowing down to reflect more, be less reactive and to reframe some of my thinking.

Meru Health Participant

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