Mental health care for MODA Health Members

This is what it feels like to feel better.

Meru Health is a personalized mental health program built around continuous support from a dedicated therapist, plus a breakthrough app with proven digital tools.

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The Meru Health Program

Continuous therapist support

Mental health doesn’t wait for the calendar—neither should your mental health care. That’s why your licensed Meru Health therapist is available via both scheduled face-to-face video sessions and unlimited in-app chat

Just 12 weeks

Meru Health is a focused 12-week program that has been clinically proven to deliver superior and long-lasting results. This is effective mental health care for real-life schedules.

Connecting the mind and the body

Mental health isn’t just mental. Nutrition, sleep, and even simple breath directly impact your mental health. With Meru Health’s wearable heart-rate variability device, you can see this connection in action.
Download the Meru Health app

Set up your account and schedule your therapist call.

Meet with your therapist

Assess your current situation, 
needs, and goals, and learn more about the program.

Start your 12-week journey

Get started with life-changing Meru Health app, with simple lessons and activities, and continuous therapist support.

Ready to start feeling better?

Download the Meru Health app today to connect with a therapist and get started.

Meru Health’s program is available to qualified Moda Health members 18 or older who must reside in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska or Texas during their participation. Meru Health’s providers are licensed to practice in these states.
The initial evaluation call will be billed at the same Moda Health member cost share (subject to any deductible) as your in-network virtual care visit for mental health. After the initial call, this program is available at zero cost to Moda Health members.
The Meru Health program is 100 percent confidential. We accept FSA/HSA accounts to cover the cost of the initial cost. Please have your Moda Health ID number ready.

I’ve really enjoyed Meru Health. The program has helped me to understand the value in slowing down to reflect more, be less reactive and to reframe some of my thinking.

Meru Health Participant

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