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This is what it feels like to feel better.

Meru Health’s personalized, confidential mental health care programs help members overcome current challenges and embrace the future.

The Meru Health Program

Continuous support

Mental health doesn’t wait for the calendar—neither should your mental health care. That’s why your dedicated Meru Health therapist or coach is available via both scheduled face-to-face video sessions and unlimited in-app chat

Just a few weeks

Depending on your needs, Meru Health offers both a 12-week therapy program and eight-week coaching program. Both have been clinically proven to deliver outstanding results. This is effective mental health care for real-life schedules.

Proven outcomes

Meru Health is backed by published research with institutions like Harvard and Stanford. This is real science, personalized for you.

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Get started with life-changing Meru Health app, with interactive lessons, science-based activities, and continuous support.

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Meru Health is available at no cost to Foundry CEO’s.

I’ve really enjoyed Meru Health. The program has helped me to understand the value in slowing down to reflect more, be less reactive and to reframe some of my thinking.

Meru Health Participant

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