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FREE Mental health care for bound brook school district employees

This is what it feels like to feel better.

Meru Health empowers you to make the changes you need to have more control over how you respond to everyday stressors and feel more attuned to your body and environment.

Meru Health’s program is completely free for full-time Bound Brook School District employees, plus spouse and adult dependents (18+).

The Meru Health Approach

Evidence-based care with proven results

We cultivate behavior change that impacts wellbeing, depression, and anxiety.

Holistic approach

We impact lifestyle changes in your environment from breath, to nutrition, and sleep—it’s not just cognitive.

Hybrid care model

Get continuous support from your coach or therapist to create accountability, motivation, and encouragement.

Seamless experience

Meru is designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Which type of care is best for you?

Learn more about our two programs.

Meru Health Coaching

✅ 8-week program with lifetime access to practices

✅ 2 video sessions with certified coaches 

✅ Support to navigate life challenges, manage stressful emotions, find focus, overcome relationship difficulties

✅ Evidence-based techniques that equip you to live a healthier, happier life 

✅ Content library with 40 video lessons and 32 reflection exercises curated by our experts

✅ 24 guided meditation practices to help you cultivate presence, emotional balance, and self-compassion

✅ Group-based learning through facilitated workshops

✅ Upon program completion, access to free Meru Grads webinars, led by our clinicians, that support continuing practice and lasting improvement 

Meru Health Treatment

✅ 12-week program with lifetime access to practices

✅ 4 video sessions with licensed therapist

✅ Free HRVB device that allows you to learn breathing strategies that reduce stress and anxiety and increase overall well-being 

✅ Personalized care for common conditions including anxiety, depression, and burnout

✅ Evidence-based practices that reduce anxiety and depression and improve mental well-being 

✅ Guided content library with 50 video lessons and 36 evidence-based practices

✅ Upon program completion, access to free Meru Grads webinars, led by our clinicians, that support continuing practice and lasting improvement

✅ Aftercare planning that includes individualized referrals

"This program has addressed lots of the issues I struggle with. It has provided concrete examples and practices to help reduce stress and depression. The therapist has been fantastic to check in and communicate with me on each exercise. "

- Meru Health Treatment Participant

"Through Meru I learned strategies that will help me for the rest of my life in a positive way and for this I am glad I took the step to enroll myself in the program and grateful for the all learning that took place."

- Meru Health Coaching Participant

"The experience was a blessing! The program helped me to dig deeper and recognize the core issues that were causing my anxiety and depression, allowing me to learn to use my own strength to overcome the challenges I face, no matter how big or small."

- Meru Health Treatment Participant

"Meru Health has made a huge difference in my emotional well-being and I recommend them to everyone. I now feel lighter, hopeful and optimistic about the future. I appreciate my coach for her unwavering support and her abundant wisdom throughout the program."

- Meru Health Coaching Participant
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Ready to start feeling better?

Meru Health’s program is completely free for Bound Brook School District full-time employees. Spouses and adult dependents (aged 18+) are also eligible at no cost. Eligibility will be verified during the registration process.

FAQs about the programs

How often can I speak with my coach or therapist?

Your coach or therapist will message with you daily to motivate and encourage your progress. During the treatment program, you can schedule up to four video sessions with your dedicated therapist.


For the coaching program, you can schedule up to two video sessions with your dedicated coach.

How much time do I need for the program on a daily basis?

Our programs are very flexible. Usually you only need around 15 minutes to complete your daily practices. You can work through the program at your own pace – anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.

Are Meru Health coaches and therapists licensed?

Our team consists of master or doctoral-level licensed therapists who have three years or more experience and ICF or NBHWC certified coaches who have two years or more experience.


Both therapists and coaches have verified background checks.

How do the Meru Health programs differ from individual therapy and life coaching?

Coaching: Meru Health’s 8-week coaching program included ICF or NBHWC certified coaches, evidence-based digital content that builds practical skills to build your emotional resilience and wellbeing, and peer support through interactive coach facilitated workshops. All of this can be accessed from a smartphone. Over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn and practice skills to manage stress, experience self-renewal, increase focus and clarity, and improve your relationships.

Treatment: Meru Health’s clinically proven 12 week-program includes a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, anonymous peer support, a biofeedback device, and evidence-based digital content for sleep, nutrition, and more. All of this can be accessed from a smartphone. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will learn and practice skills for long-term mental wellbeing, all with the daily support of a dedicated therapist.

Who is eligible for Meru Health, and how much does it cost?

Adults 18+ are eligible for Meru Health’s program.


Costs are fully covered by your employer.

Will my information be private?

Privacy is a fundamental right and core value at Meru Health. Our HIPAA Compliant platform ensures your personal information is protected and encrypted at all times. We value your privacy and will not share any identifiable information with your employer or anyone else, giving you control over your private information.


If you would like your healthcare provider(s) to access your health records, electronic consent is required.


Note: We follow HIPAA regulations and requirements to ensure your information is protected and safe, according to federal and state laws.

Still have questions? Ask away.

Get in touch with us via email [email protected]