Effective mental health care for men

Men seek mental health support less often than women, though they need it just as much. 

Well, if men aren’t interacting with traditional approaches to care, maybe it’s time for a non-traditional approach.

That’s Meru Health. Click below to see if we’re covered by your health plan, or scroll down for additional resources for helping men identify and overcome mental health challenges.


The Men's Mental Health e-book

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What does a new approach to mental health care feel like?

Ben Rein, PhD., is a Stanford neuroscientist whose social media posts about the inner workings of the brain have earned him nearly one million followers across TikTok and Instagram. He’s also just someone who, like so many of us, was looking for better ways to manage the stresses of daily life—a journey that led him to enrolling in Meru Health as a participant. 

Here, interviewed by Meru Heath Medical Director Priyanka Wali, M.D., he discusses his experiences both with the Meru Health program and as a man navigating the mental healthcare landscape.

Additional Resources

Masculinity and the Mind

Fewer men are seeking help for their mental health — yet they need it most. Let’s dive into the underlying issues — and possible solutions.

Free Mental Health Services

National Suicide Hotline

Access confidential support.

Crisis Text Line

Connect with a trained crisis counselor.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Helpline

Get support for substance abuse problems.


Learn about local social services, including mental health care.


Find a support group with others experiencing grief.

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis

Learn how to recognize a mental health crisis and where to get help.

“I liked the Meru Health program because it was easy and under my control. I could go as far or as deep as I wanted to. It just helps you stop and think about your life and reminds you that you really are the most important, because without your own health you can’t really be healthy for anybody else.”

Meru Health participant