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Action plan for deteriorating mental health:

If your mental well-being deteriorates considerably during the Meru Health Ascend -Program, the program alone might not be enough to support you and you may need other treatment. Below is a step-by-step plan about what to do if your depression worsens rapidly.

The Ascend Program is digital and it does not include face-to-face therapy.

In the event of your depression getting worse, it is important to know where to seek medical attention. If this happens, please book an appointment to see a therapist or a physician right away. If you require immediate attention,  are not able to be seen in a timely manner, or have concerns about your safety, you should go to your nearest  emergency room.

In the beginning of the program, it is possible your symptoms of depression may temporarily increase. This could also include symptoms of anxiety. These symptoms are anticipated side-effects and are common among different types of treatments; including psychotherapies and medical treatments. Encountering painful thoughts, emotions and other experiences in therapy, can often bring upon these unwanted side-effects.

Typical symptoms of depression may include thoughts and feelings of emptiness and hopelessness; as if nothing in life is worth living for. In some case, individuals who suffer from depression, may experience clear thoughts of suicide. When more severe, these thoughts could lead to suicide planning or a concrete plan to end one’s life. In the event  you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, are having planning thoughts about ending your life, and/or are unsure whether you can keep yourself safe, please seek medical attention immediately. Without hesitation, book an appointment to a doctor. If you already have a suicide plan and you're not able to get a doctor's appointment, go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

If you are experiencing hallucinations or a distorted sense of reality, this also always requires a doctor’s assessment. A hallucination is an experience where you hear, see, feel, taste or smell things that others can’t sense. If there are other clear changes in your behaviour or personality do consult a doctor. This includes: increased use of substances, insomnia or a decreased need for sleep. In these cases, contact a medical professional without hesitation.

If your symptoms of depression increase or your overall sense of well-being deteriorates, do not hesitate to contact your therapist. However, you should not wait for an answer from your therapist, who could take up to 24-hours or one business day to respond. If you're in need for immediate attention, contact your school, workplace, health centre, private physician or the nearest emergency room.