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Effective mental health care for your patients

No more wondering if your patients are getting effective care. Refer them into Meru Health’s clinically validated service and know that they are receiving clinical support in a program with proven outcomes.

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How Meru Health works

Meru Health is an evidence-based, 12-week program clinically proven to treat depression and anxiety, with longlasting results.

Easy access: Therapist call availability within 7 days of signing up, with continuous chat-based support thereafter.
Evidence-based care: Your patients will learn proven methods for emotional regulation, sleep and nutrition, and how to change negative thought patterns.

Strong, measurable results: Clinically relevant symptom reductions measured every two weeks (PHQ-9 and GAD-7).

Warm handoff: If a patient is not suitable for the program, the therapist will suggest treatment options for you to discuss.

We’re leading the way on outcomes research

From peer-reviewed papers to our ongoing RCT study with the National Institute of Mental Health, we’re leading the way in mental health care.

Program eligibility requirements


Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and/or burnout.

NOTE: Meru Health will conduct a detailed video assessment when patients are referred to identify psychiatric symptoms to determine eligibility.

Inclusion criteria

Highmark member

Must be 18 years or older.

Smartphone with internet access (iOS or Android)

Exclusion criteria

Severe suicidal ideation with plan and/or intent

Any psychiatric disorder with distinct psychotic features (Schizophrenia, Major Depression withpsychotic features, Bipolar I Disorder)

Patient referral options

HIPAA compliant online referral form

Refer your patient directly through our HIPAA compliant online referral form.

You can send the sign-up link through the patient portal or after-care notes to the patient. This option works best if the patient’s healthcare provider follows up to ensure the patient signs up.

  Copy and paste this pre-written referral into the patients’ after visit summary or secure patient portal:

“I have referred you to Meru Health, an online mental healthcare provider that developed an award-winning program to help people reduce their symptoms of anxiety, depression, and burnout.”

“Meru Health’s 100% confidential 12 week-program includes therapist and psychiatrist support, a biofeedback device, anonymous peer support, meditation practices, and habit-changing activities for sleep & nutrition, all accessed from a smartphone— anytime and anywhere.

Learn more on this secure HIPAA compliant link to get started:

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