Case Study

Moda Health

Providing Moda Health members access to high-quality, inclusive mental healthcare during the pandemic

Moda Health is an Oregon-based payer with over 225,000 members. Since its founding in 1955, Moda Health has been committed to building healthier communities. As the pandemic took a toll on their members’ mental health, Moda’s behavioral health executives searched for a solution to ensure everyone’s access to quality mental healthcare.

Moda Health chose to deploy Meru Health’s Therapy Solution, with rapid delivery across all states. Their members received access to Meru Health’s 12-week online treatment program and continuous remote therapist support.


Covered Lives

3 States

Oregon, Washington,
and Idaho



73.9% of participants who started the program with clinical levels of depression or anxiety no longer met these criteria at the end of treatment*



Suicidal ideation reduced from 21.3% at baseline to 2.9% at the end of treatment

Estimated Savings


Moda Health saved an estimated $2,313 in productivity per participant, $2.53M in total

*Less than moderate (<10) depression or anxiety symptoms at the end of program, measured on industry standard phq-9 (depression) and gad-7 (anxiety) scales

Average Symptom Reduction During Program


1–4 = minimal depression or anxiety (remission)

5–9 = mild depression or anxiety

10–14 = moderate depression or anxiety

15–27 = moderately severe/severe depression or anxiety

Why Moda Health Partnered with Meru Health

Meru Health is...


Meru Health’s unique digital therapy enables clinicians to provide high-quality care to up to 8 times the number of patients than clinicians providing traditional therapy, helping to meet the rising demand.


Meru Health has proven peer-reviewed outcomes, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Meru Health program to Moda Health members. Transparent data reporting shows an ongoing reduction in symptoms.


Moda Health and Meru Health worked together to prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, empowering BIPOC and LGBTQ+ specialized providers to support more patients at scale.


1,145 participants

Program Use

19 hours on average by program completers

Program Completion

78.3% of participants completed the 12-week Program and were active on at least half of the treatment weeks

"We really liked the fact that Meru combined an innovative service delivery model with proven treatment approaches. Meru’s peer-reviewed research showed the effectiveness of the program, and because they track every patient’s progress in real-time, they can adjust their approach if a patient isn’t making progress. Clients are enthusiastic about the accessibility and effectiveness of this program."

Senior Manager of Behavioral Health at Moda Health

Dan Thoma

"The greatest benefit I have gained from Meru is learning the power of my breath. The breathing practices improved my mild depression and anxiety. My therapist Jessica was a great resource and support and was very easy to talk to. I suggest anyone who has the opportunity to take the program to give themselves this gift! Rave reviews."

Moda Health Member