Frequently Asked Questions

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The Program

Can children and adolescents use Meru Health?

We recognize the importance of mental health care for minors, and we are working hard to get the necessary licenses to improve their access to mental health care. Until then, we can legally only provide our services to people 18+.

Here are some alternative resources that are available for minors:

How is Meru Health different from traditional face to face therapy?

Meru Health’s clinically-proven 12 week-program includes a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, anonymous peer support, biofeedback device, and evidence-based digital content for sleep, nutrition, and more. All of this can be accessed from your smartphone—anytime and anywhere.


Over the course of three months, you will learn and practice the skills needed to create long-lasting healthy lifestyle habits—all with the daily support of your personal therapist.

How long does the Meru Health program last?

Over the course of three months (12-weeks), you will learn and practice the skills needed to create long-lasting healthy lifestyle habits- all with the support of your personal therapist.


The biofeedback training can range from 5-15 minutes and the daily lessons and practices can range from 5-20 minutes.


After completing the program you will have continued access to the biofeedback device and digital content.

What are biofeedback and HRV? How do they work?

Your heart experiences small beat-to-beat changes, and that difference in time is your heart rate variability.


We will send you a Heart Rate Variability Device that will track and improve your physical response to stress so that you can feel calmer, faster. After the program ends, you can continue to access the biofeedback training and keep the biofeedback device.


Studies suggest that people who have higher Heart Rate Variabilities tend to be healthier and live longer with less risk of disease, reducing rates of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

How does the anonymous group support feature work?

The support group gathers each week over a specific topic, encouraging you to share your experiences and learn from others.


To ensure complete anonymity, you can pick a name and avatar of your choice.


You won’t be able to respond directly to other participants; however, your therapist will be there if you need additional support. You are not required to share information.

Your Therapist

How do I interact with my therapist?

You will have immediate access to the app to book a 30-45 min video intake assessment with a master or doctoral-level licensed therapist to identify your treatment goals and personalize your experience. They will provide meaningful, personalized responses when you feel lost, unmotivated, or need guidance.


You will have the ability to communicate with your therapist through a secure text platform, discreetly, and without any pressure.


We’ve designed it this way so you can send a message whenever and as frequently as you want. It’s also a great way to review your therapist’s feedback and tips when you need it most.


At this time, we do not offer additional services outside of this. If you need further support, you have the option to seek therapy outside the program.

Can I use Meru Health if I’m already seeing a therapist?

Yes! This program can be a great addition to existing care.

Note: Our treatment outcomes show that 8/10 people who complete our program have signs of improvement or recovery.

Do you consider a person’s faith when providing support?

Our therapists go through extensive diversity training to respect and embrace the religious views and beliefs of any person we help. Please be sure to bring this up with your therapist during your consultation call so they can consider your faith while supporting you.

Can I specify the gender/ethnicity/specialty of my therapist?

You can request a therapist with a specific background or identity, and we will try to find the best match for you. However, we cannot always accommodate specific requests.


Our licensed therapists are trained to work with people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Your personal therapist will ensure care is tailored to you. If you would like to switch therapists, please let us know.

Are Meru Health therapists licensed?

Our team consists of master or doctoral-level licensed therapists who have three years or more experience and have verified background checks.

How can I reschedule my therapist call?

You can reschedule your therapist appointment in the Meru Health app. You can also email [email protected] or call (833) 940-1385 Monday-Friday 7:00am – 4:00pm (PST).

Health Plan & Costs

What forms of payment does Meru Health accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards. We also accept payment from FSA/HSA accounts. After your therapist intake call, Meru Health will send you an email with a secure link to complete your payment.


If your employer or health plan provides Meru Health as a benefit, the processing time will vary depending on insurance.

Can I pay with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

Yes! If you have a copayment or deductible for the program, you can pay it using your HSA/FSA account.


What if I need immediate help?

If you or someone you know is at risk of danger, call 911 immediately. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline**: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) National Crisis Text Line: Text “NOW” to 741-741

Will my information be private? Even from my employer?

Privacy is a fundamental right and core value at Meru Health. Our HIPAA Compliant platform ensures your personal information is protected and encrypted at all times. We value your privacy and will not share any identifiable information with your employer or anyone else, except where permitted by law.


Note: We follow HIPAA compliant regulations and requirements to ensure your information stored is protected and safe, according to federal and state laws.

Can I get an evaluation for a leave of absence from work?

While our therapists are licensed clinicians, they do not provide evaluations to support accommodations of any type, including requests for a medical leave of absence, workplace, educational or housing accommodations, or animal-emotional support assessments.

Can you renew my prescription for antidepressants?

Our psychiatrists are available to help discuss your existing medications during the program and coordinate with your primary care physician to best support you.

We do not prescribe any medications directly; however, we will happily refer you to a person who will.


Note: Depression can have various root causes, including hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, etc.

Can I print out the program content?

The program content is available to you at any time on your smartphone, even after completing the program. If you would like a printed version of some of the practice reflections you’ve completed or things from your resilience toolkit, contact your therapist, who can provide additional support.

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