Are you ready to change the world?

Meru Health was founded in late 2015 with a big vision to help and empower people living with depression. Depression is one of the largest health problems of the modern world.  We are a fast-paced startup funded by the top European VC's and we are based on a strong value base.

Our Values

1. We are positive, passionate and persistent

2. We believe in beautiful user-centric design

3. We are transparent and honest

4. We are driving the changes we want to see in the world

Why we do it?

There are ca. 350 million people suffering from depression around the world and depression is the leading cause for disability (WHO 2016) 5-7% of people are annually diagnosed with depression in developed countries.

There is a great need for accessible and scalable solutions to treat depression - this is where digital therapeutics and Meru Health come in!

What we do?

Meru Health develops cost-effective and transformative digital therapeutics solutions that bring precision medicine to mental health care. We have developed our first mobile program for people living with depression. Participants are supported proactively by a real therapist. Self-report (health questionnaires), psychological and behavioural data are used to personalise care. 

Remote Therapist / Finland

What's in it for you?

  • Empower people with a scalable and effective treatment solution. Our solution is a comprehensive tool for participants (the name we use for patients) to manage their symptoms of depression and co-morbid anxiety. Our mobile program for treating depression and co-morbid anxiety include mindfulness and CBT practices, and daily therapist engament & monitoring on weekdays.
  • Be part of a mission to make mental health care more effective, accessible and outcome driven
  • Meru Health will take care of all the marketing, participant acquisition and administrative overhead. You can focus on what you know best, providing high quality care for participants. 
  • Work from wherever you like on your own schedule. 
  • Competitive compensation.


  • Provide remote therapy to participants through an online dashboard. 
  • Work with a collaborative care team other therapists, founders and health care professionals
  • Track participant progress in our care program
  • Provide feedback to the product team to improve our solution
  • Keep appropriate records as dictated by ethical and legal standards.

Skills & Qualities

  • You want to use the power of latest technologies to improve your care
  • You know what evidence-based care means in practice
  • You are tech-savvy and familiar with latest remote working tools
  • 10h/week minimum time commitment. 


  • You are a psychotherapist, psychologist, M.D. or a psychiatric nurse
  • You are a licensed health care professional in Finland
  • Mindfulness & CBT training (Also, DBT or ACT training is suitable for this position)
  • 3+ clinical experience in treating depression/ anxiety disorders (or more simple: treating Mood Disorders)

Funny facts

  • We hold a Kick the Shit Out session every month where we give each other brutally honest feedback and provide everyone an opportunity to grow and develop
  • We strive to spend a day each month on charity work, such as playing Christmas songs at an orphanage
  • We hold team events, such as motocross racing, wall climbing or outdoors activities every once in a while.


Interested? Contact us and let us know why you are interested in this position: