Meru Health Ascend™

8-week mobile program for treating depression and burnout

A transformative, cost-effective mobile program for self-insured employers and health systems that brings precision medicine to the treatment of depression and burnout. The 8-week Meru Health Ascend™ mobile program helps to improve participant outcomes by deploying a unique combination of:

Proprietary Algorithm that combines Behavioral and Self-Report Data to Personalize Care
Personal Therapist and Anonymous Peer-Group Support
Evidence-based Psychological Interventions (Mindfulness, CBT, Behavioral Activation)

We put the power of healing back in the hands of the individual.

Meru Health Ascend™ Experience

How our depression treatment clinic works

Your doctors, or our smart screening service, can identify and help you reach people who would benefit from the Meru Health Ascend™ program.

Step 1

 Depression treatment in San Francisco, CA

Step 2

Suitable participants are contacted by a Meru Health therapist.

 Treating depression in San Francisco, CA

Step 3

Participants complete an 8-week Meru Health Ascend™ program that is designed to reduce depression symptoms. Meru Health's therapists support participants on a daily basis. 

 Online depression treatment in San Francisco, CA

Step 4

Confidential outcome report generated and includes change in depressive symptoms, level of program engagement, and a therapist statement.

Mobile program fro depression treatment in San Francisco, CA


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