Are you ready to change the World?

Meru Health was founded in late 2015 with a big vision to help and empower people living with depression. Depression is one of the largest health problems of the modern world.  We are a fast-paced startup funded by the top European VC's and we are based on a strong value base.

Our Values

1. We are positive, passionate and persistent

2. We believe in beautiful user-centric design

3. We are transparent and honest

4. We are driving the changes we want to see in the World

Why we do it?

a HUGE, EXPENSIVE AND GROWING problem for millions of people

There are ca. 350 million people suffering from depression around the world and depression is the leading cause for disability (WHO 2016) 5-7% of people are annually diagnosed with depression in developed countries.

There is a great need for accessible and scalable solutions to treat depression - this is where digital therapeutics and Meru Health come in!

What we do?

We are developing the world's best mobile depression treatment program powered by daily mindfulness exercises, CBT, live therapist support and a peer group. The program is based on a solid clinical foundation for depression and anxiety treatment (Wikipedia: MBSR, MBCT).



Software engineer & Javascript wizard

Are you a Javascript wizard who's always up-to-date with the latest technologies? Are you already fluent with React & Redux, and want to try your skills also on mobile? Or do you aspire to learn React, but have already lots of experience with Javascript?

We are currently working on:

  • mobile app for iOS and Android built with React Native
  • coach dashboard built with React + Webpack
  • server infrastructure to support real-time communication, top-level security and scalability built on top of Node.js + Postgresql


  • alignment with our values
  • experience in Javascript in front end and/or backend development
  • experience with React.js or other front end frameworks
  • interest in improving lives of others' and making a positive impact through own work
  • passion for learning new things every day
  • ambition for building a high quality product to be used by millions of patients and be prescribed/recommended by thousands of doctors

It's a plus if you're familiar with or want to learn:

  • Redux
  • Developing for iOS or Android
  • Developing for Node.js servers and managing server infrastructure
  • Developing services that are handling sensitive information
  • Postgresql or other SQL databases
  • Test Driven Development: Jest, Mocha...
  • Continuous Integration: Travis, Jenkins, Jekyll...


  • developing a high quality mobile consumer service for international healthcare market
  • practicing design centric approach: coming up with solutions and quickly prototyping and testing them with users and customers
  • being part of a close knit passionate team that is determined to making an impact
  • great colleagues and environment for professional and personal development
  • fair salary and option package


  • every month we hold a Kick the Shit Out session where we give each other brutally honest feedback and provide everyone an opportunity to grow and develop
  • we strive to spend a day each month on charity work, such as playing Christmas songs at an orphanage
  • we hold team events, such as motocross racing, wall climbing or outdoors activities every once in a while


Interested? Contact us and let us know why you are interested in this position: