Meru Health Ascend is an all-inclusive, easy-to-access and engaging service for self-insured employers and health systems to help people living with depression and save costs

Meru Health Experience

Step 1

Your on-site doctors or our smart screening service can identify and help you target people who can benefit from the Meru Health Ascend™ program


Step 2

Suitable participants are contacted by Meru Health's therapist


Step 3

Participants complete an 8-week Meru Health Ascend™ program that is designed to reduce depression symptoms. Meru Health's therapists support participants on a daily basis during the program.

Step 4

 Outcome reports focusing on the reduction in depression symptoms, program engagement and including a therapist statement


How Meru Health Ascend works? 


Digital therapeutics program that is designed to reduce depression symptoms

Our digital therapeutics program combines two clinical interventions: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Therapy. These interventions have been shown to help people living with depression. We have created a mobile program that combines these psychosocial interventions in the context of a digital program that meets the needs of people who are currently suffering from depression.


Personal therapist who helps participants proactively troughout the program

We understand that everyone is unique. That is why all participants are matched with a personal therapist for support and help. Our therapists help every participant on a daily basis on their journey towards recovery.



Anonymous peer-support group for increased engagement

Every participant is matched with an anonymous online peer-support group. This group helps participants to learn from others' experiences and reflections. Meru Health therapists provide insightful comments based on participant's input to enhance the learning experience.

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