Meru Health Oy – Plan of action for rapid deterioration of mental health:

These instructions have been made in case you experience a rapid deterioration in your mental well-being during the Meru Health Ascend –program. If you start to experience more severe symptoms of depression and the program alone is not enough to support you, here is a step-by-step plan of action on how to seek emergency attention.


The Ascend program functions digitally and does not include face to face therapy sessions. For this reason, it is vital that you know where to seek medical attention through booking an appointment or depending to the severity of your symptoms, going to the emergency room.


In the beginning of the program it is possible that your symptoms of depression, especially anxiety, might increase. The intensification of symptoms and mild deterioration in mental well-being are typical among different types of treatments, such as psychotherapies and medical treatments. These side-effects are quite common and are often linked with suffocated painful thoughts and experiences which are now being encountered.   


Typical symptoms of depression are thoughts and feelings of hopelessness and emptiness, as if nothing in life is worth living for or hoping to stop existing. People who suffer from depression might experience clear thoughts of suicide, which at their utmost might lead to suicide planning or a concrete plan to end one’s life.


In case you experience suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate medical attention. If you have already started to plan your suicide, don’t hesitate but book an appointment to visit a physician. If you already have a suicide plan, and you can’t get a doctor’s appointment, go to the nearest emergency room immediately.


Other urgent matters to reserve a doctor’s appointment are distorted senses of reality and hallucinations. Hallucinations refer to an experience where you hear, see, feel, taste or smell things that others can’t sense. Also, noticeable increase in the use of substances, substantial decrease in the need of sleep, or any other clear change in your behavior or personality need the assessment of a medical professional.


If you experience an increase in your symptoms or your general well-being deteriorates, please don’t hesitate to contact your therapist. Don’t stay and wait for an answer from your therapist, but seek immediate medical attention from your school, workplace, health center, a private physician or the nearest ER.