Want to contribute to next-generation digital healthcare?

Meru Health was founded in late 2015 with a vision to help and empower people living with depression with the latest digital healthcare technologies and methods. We are building Meru Health because depression is one of the TOP3 health problems of the modern world and affects more than 350 million people (WHO 2017).  

We believe in the future of data-driven and outcomes-based digital healthcare. Meru Health is funded by top international VC’s and based on a strong value base. We are building a cutting-edge digital health solution for treating depression with a therapy / behavioural intervention.

Our Values

1. We are positive, passionate and persistent

2. We believe in beautiful user-centric design

3. We are transparent and honest

4. We are driving the changes we want to see in the World

Read more about our developer culture in this blog post...


Position: React Native developer

Your role would be developing our mobile patient app and thus directly influencing the effectiveness of depression care. This will include things such as:

  • Building interactive lessons and modules for patients to complete on a daily basis
  • Creating ways for patients to customize their anonymous profile to express themselves and learn about others in a peer group
  • Building ways to visualize progress and congratulate users of their achievements
  • Developing smart notifications and other ways to help patients with their behavior change
  • Integrating with native health APIs to track sleep and activity
  • Improving navigation, information architecture and user interfaces of the app

Our goal is to create an engaging experience that helps patients understand what is causing their condition, and learn tools and behaviors to recover and stay healthy in the future.

You will not be alone with these challenges but part of a super committed and competent team of developers, designers and entrepreneurs, as well as supported by a team of behavioral scientists, psychologists and therapists.

Read more about our tech stack and dev toolset in this blog post...


You have lots of experience with front end javascript and are excited about using it on mobile. You have a passion for building smooth and attractive user experiences and ambition to create a high quality product that users want to use. You pay attention to detail and optimize for usability and feel, using animations and colors where needed. You are not afraid to open Sketch to try things out, although you may not count yourself as a designer. You are constantly learning new things and are up to date with the latest technologies used in web development. You want to use your skills to help millions of people in direct and meaningful way.

Technical requirements:

  • several years of programming experience
  • deep knowledge of modern Javascript
  • familiarity with modern toolset: Jest, Fastlane, Travis, Git...
  • knowledge React.js, or experience with similar frameworks and willingness to learn React
  • fluency with CSS

Past experience:

  • building web applications for browser & mobile from scratch
  • responsibility for running web / mobile applications in production
  • creating automated tests to optimize code quality and speed
  • building deployment workflows and continuous integration setups
  • bonus: native mobile app development experience (iOS / Android)



  • developing a high quality mobile consumer service for international healthcare market
  • practicing design centric approach: coming up with solutions and quickly prototyping and testing them with users and customers
  • being part of a close knit passionate team that is determined to making an impact
  • great colleagues and environment for professional and personal development
  • fair salary and option package


  • every month we hold a Kick the Shit Out session where we give each other brutally honest feedback and provide everyone an opportunity to grow and develop
  • we strive to spend a day each month on charity work, such as playing Christmas songs at an orphanage
  • we hold team events, such as motocross racing, wall climbing or outdoors activities every once in a while


Interested? Contact us and let us know why you are interested in this position: