Ready to Change the World?

Meru Health was founded in 2016 with a big vision to help and empower people living with depression. Depression is one of the largest health problems of the modern world.  We are a fast-paced startup funded by the top European VC's and we are based on a strong value base.



There are approximately 350 million people suffering from depression around the world and depression is the leading cause for disability (WHO 2016) 5-7% of people are annually diagnosed with depression in developed countries.

There is a great need for accessible and scalable solutions to treat depression. This is where digital therapeutics and Meru Health come in!


Meru Health develops transformative digital therapeutics solutions that bring precision medicine to mental health care. We have developed our first mobile program for people living with depression. Participants are supported proactively by a real therapist. Self-report (health questionnaires), psychological and behavioural data are used to personalize care. 








Head of Research / Researcher Position


Our vision is to help and empower people living with depression with the latest digital healthcare technologies and behavioral methods. We believe in the future of data-driven and outcomes-based healthcare. Our team is passionate about making a difference in the world, and we hope you share this passion with us.

We are now looking for a person who could help us pursue exciting and important scientific questions, and to study the characteristics of an online digital therapeutic intervention for depression/anxiety/burnout. We offer an unrivaled opportunity to publish from, and to get access to, a real-world data set as well as see changes and impact in real-time patient care as development progresses. We are looking for someone who has passion to contribute to the development of digital therapeutic interventions and help improve people's mental health with the latest evidence-based and data-driven methods.

There is also a possibility to take more of a leadership role and in addition to helping us publish findings, to also help develop our research roadmap and team further.

We work with top universities and research institutions in the US and Finland to advance science of treating depression and further understanding different characteristics of the condition.


  • Match with our values (see above)

  • Can-do attitude with the ability to work in a dynamic, collaborative environment

  • Passion for mental health and digital healthcare / digital therapeutics

  • PhD from a relevant field

  • Ability to 1st/co-author publications (independent writing skills)

  • Experience in quantitative/bio-statistic data-analysis

  • Part-time commitment with roughly 20/hours/week (flexible) contribution required

What we offer

  • Opportunity to study and publish from an exciting real-world database (n=280 and growing fast)

  • Opportunity to contribute to the development of a cutting-edge digital therapeutic intervention

  • Opportunity to learn from and to work with great scientist and with world's most prestigious universities

  • Opportunity to contribute to 3 different clinical research programs we are involved in

  • You can work 100% remotely from home

  • Possibility to 1st-author & co-author and publish quickly - we have a great data-set for at least 2-3 publications, and more coming

  • Competitive hourly wage

  • Future possibilities to work with Meru Health in a full-time role in Europe or US

"Apply" by clicking the button below. CEO & Founder Kristian Ranta and Medical Director Anu Raevuori will check all applicants and respond in a timely manner.