Meru Health is recommended by a diverse range of patients with  different challenges and levels of severity.

 DR SUSAN CONNOLLY, M.D. Harvard Medical School

DR SUSAN CONNOLLY, M.D. Harvard Medical School

My experience with the Meru Health program was excellent.

"I enjoyed the idea of having a different theme each week, with videos and guided practices to support each theme.

The therapist who did the videos and guided mindfulness practices was perfect---pleasant voice to listen to, with perfect attitude and tone. I appreciated the availability of the therapist, and also enjoyed the interactions with other people participating in the course at the same time.

I highly recommend the Meru Health program to everyone--whether dealing with depression,  anxiety, or simply seeking a more positive and peaceful life experience."

 MARY, 55

MARY, 55

The flexibility of the tool is really helpful, particularly with my shifting work schedule.

“I am very thankful to have participated in the treatment program with Meru Health. I had doubts that a mobile treatment program  could do anything about the burnout, anxiety, and depression that I’d been experiencing for the past ten years, and, since I’d been meditating on and off for ten years, I thought I had nothing new to learn. I was wrong.

Mixing mindfulness and behavioral therapy was revelatory, and having online access to a personal therapist was an essential part of my success with the treatment program. With the aid of the app I learned to cut back on my extreme work hours and to practice self-compassion and kindness when I'm gripped with anxiety. Getting more rest and minimizing the anxiety has been the key to significantly reducing the depression.

The flexibility of the tool is really helpful, particularly with my shifting work schedule. When I needed help, the therapist was able to get back to me quickly with suggestions. And the different practices are very helpful, and I enjoy continuing to use them.”

 TONI, 43

TONI, 43

A whole new perspective

"There were major changes in my life, and I felt so low that there were days when I didn’t have the strength to leave the house.

That’s when I discovered Meru Health and decided to give it a go. It really paid off. I got invaluable support from my personal therapist, which helped me to get back on track.

The program also gave me a framework for working towards a better mental well-being on my own. I still find myself using the tools and practices I learned in the program even though the actual treatment ended months ago."