Lauri, 29 yrs

"In the beginning I was very sceptical of how the Meru Health program would suit me, mainly because of my attitude towards the mindfulness practices. As the program proceeded, to my surprise. I noticed that I had found new practical ways to deal with stressful situations and negative thoughts, without drifting away with them. I’ve noticed that I do not react the same way to anxious thoughts anymore and I can take distance from my emotions. The program gave me concrete tools I can use to work with anxiety in the future as well. I experienced shame from being depressed, and I could not talk about it. I often had to cancel my meetings with my therapist because of my hectic schedule. Communication through the app was a good fit to my life and I gained a lot from conversations with my therapist. The program is a great alternative to conventional methods in the treatment of depression. "

Hanna, 35 yrs

"Meru Health program made my everyday life more positive. I learned to calm down and enjoy the things that happen around me. Additionally, I learned to identify and let go of harmful thinking traps that had unconsciously lead me to feeling low. I feel much more free now."

Inka, 35 yrs

"I participated to the Meru Health test group with curiosity. I was positively surprised during the program, as it gave me concrete tools to understand, accept and manage my emotions. The support of my therapist was irreplaceable and extremely valuable. With her I could work with my thoughts which emerged through the subjects of the weekly themes. With the program I started to pay attention to my own presence in my daily life and I learned to be more kind to myself. Before taking part to the program I wouldn’t have thought I could get this much out of online therapy. "

Johanna, 28 yo

"The Meru Health mobile therapy provides an effortless way of accessing mindfulness-practices that support your well-being. With the program you get a therapist, who is with you throughout the program. You can chat with the therapist about anything that pops into your mind during the program. The application was a great combination of soul searching and sharing your thoughts with a therapist. In the mobile therapy, you learn new ways of operating and thinking, which you can use independently after the program to make your psychic well-being thrive."

Mari, 28 yrs

"Meru Health program was extremely beneficial for me. I learned to think in a completely new way. Firstly,  learned to let go of negative rumination. Secondly, anxious thoughts do not paralyse me in the same way they used to before this program. I have learned to deal with them and I feel much more free now."

Sanna, 26 yrs

"The Meru Health program taught me to be more courageous and eased my prejudice towards myself. I dared to try new things and found the courage to start a new hobby. My therapist was very available through the app. She supported and encouraged me during the program. The program helped me to be in this moment and not to worry about the future. Doing things one at a time made me realise I shouldn’t demand too much from myself."

Katja, 43 yrs

"I participated in the Meru Health treatment program, as I had suffered for a long time from severe depression and burnout. I was stuck with my thoughts and memories of past events and the injustice I’ve experienced. I wanted to learn how not to worry or feel bitter about things I could not change.

After the program I’ve noticed that it’s easier to let go of these thoughts. I’ve also learned to stand up for myself and I don’t feel resentment as I used to. I can also calm myself down and my focus is better.

I can fondly recommend the Meru Health treatment program for everyone. Even though it is a mobile program, it feels very personal because of the therapists’ warm and caring approach. I feel much lighter as I’m not carrying such a heavy burden anymore.”