Want to use JavaScript to help millions of people overcome depression & anxiety?

Meru Health is helping people living with depression and anxiety using the latest science and mobile technology. We are building Meru Health because we want to redefine how depression and anxiety are being treated and make it widely accessible to people in need. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and affects more than 300 million people (WHO). Counting in anxiety disorders, more than 500 million people are affected globally.

We operate at the forefront of technology and medical science using leading scientifically proven methods to redefine how depression and anxiety are being treated. Meru Health is running clinical research with Stanford Medicine, US Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Finnish Student Health System. We have published scientific results in a leading peer-reviewed journal. Meru Health graduated from Y Combinator in 2018.

We believe in data-driven, individualized and holistic approach and we measure the results of every patient that goes through our treatment program to constantly improve our outcomes. Our team has previously built successful healthcare businesses and developed services with great UX used by millions of people.


About Us



There are more than 500 million people suffering from depression and anxiety around the world and depression is the leading cause for disability (WHO 2016).

There is a dire need for accessible and scalable solutions to treat mental health conditions. This is where digital therapeutics and Meru Health comes in!


Meru treatment is delivered via a mobile app and is supported by remote clinicians. The treatment consists of:

  1. A treatment program that adapts to individual needs.

    Our 12-week treatment program combines psychological treatment modules and practices. We individualize the program based on patient’s personal information and needs.

  2. Daily support from licensed therapists

    Participants get proactive support on a daily basis (via in-app chat).

  3. Anonymous peer support

    It’s beneficial to recognize that you are not alone with your challenges and learning how others overcome them.


PASSION Because our mission is personal, we genuinely believe in our work, and we do it with enthusiasm and positivity. We believe that putting our heart into our work is when true creativity comes to life making almost anything possible.

TRANSPARENCY We believe in openness, accountability and stellar communication. We believe in saying and expressing things as they are, as a foundation for building trust among our employees and partners.

INTEGRITY Integrity is the alignment of values, thoughts, words, and actions. Our commitment to integrity means we operate as individuals and as a company from the highest moral principles, acting on our values with consistency and honesty.

COURAGE Doing our work with courage is about taking risks and confronting the uncertain, as well as believing in ourselves and our dreams. Courage is also about doing the right thing, even when it confronts established paradigms.

COMPASSION Through our work, and corporate social responsibility efforts, we are reducing suffering for people with depression, empowering them with tools they need to improve their lives.


JavaScript Fullstack Engineer / Helsinki, Finland

You will be part of Meru Health’s super smart and skillful product development team committed to redefine how depression and anxiety are being treated in the world today. In this position you will play a key role in product development of Meru Health platform, driving decisions related to technology, architecture, security, user experience etc. You are skilled in JavaScript and engineering and passionate about helping millions of people in the future in a concrete and measurable way.


  • Product development using JavaScript, React, React Native, Node.js

  • Improving product development practices to ensure high quality: usability, reliability, security of Meru Health platform

  • Participating in a wide array of activities, from design to development, to user feedback, to analytics

  • Working as part of a brilliant Product team based in Helsinki, Finland

What will you get?

  • Being surrounded by positive and super smart colleagues working as a self organizing team

  • Flexible working hours

  • Opportunity to spend time at Meru Health San Francisco office in California

  • Support of personal development (conferences, wellness gadgets reimbursement)

  • Weekly team breakfast

  • Great salary and options package

Skills & Qualities

  • Ability to manage complex development projects from requirements definition to delivery to gathering feedback & improving

  • Ability to write clear and maintainable code in JS, HTML, CSS etc.

  • Deep understanding of inner workings of the web, common architectures, development and UX patterns and best practices

  • Drive to understand things on a deeper level, always seeking for the root cause of the problem or understanding the underlying need in any proposed solution

  • Understanding the value of unit & integration tests, are accustomed to writing them, but are comfortable balancing between speed and test coverage depending on the requirements

  • Excitement about solving major global challenges in a super smart and skillful team


  • 5+ years of professional software development experience

  • Setting up web servers and databases and managing them in production

  • Building deployment workflows and continuous integration setups

  • Working in a startup or similar highly demanding environment before