Meru Health - A Digital Clinic for Treating Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Burnout

Our clinic offers an 8-week digital program for adults with symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and workplace burnout. The program is supported by licensed remote clinicians and the care is delivered via a mobile app. 

We are testing new product features and looking for individuals age 18 and older who suffer from low mood to participate in this program at no cost. In exchange, we are asking participants to provide us with feedback to help us improve our program. We are also asking participants to complete occasional questionnaires about their mood and daily activities to help us better understand how the treatment helps people to feel better.   


10 eligible INdividuals will get access into our treatment program for free!

Your information will only be shared with a licensed Meru Health Therapist. 

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The program consists of four key elements:


The program combines psychological treatment modules and practices. We individualize the program based on participant's personal information and needs.


Participants get proactive support on a daily basis (via an in-app chat). 


It's beneficial to recognize that you are not alone with your challenges and learning how others overcome them.


Participants will receive a heart rate monitor that measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV indicates how emotional states affect your nervous system. Participants complete Heart rate variability biofeedback practices and get constant feedback on their progress during the program. Heart rate variability biofeedback is being used primarily to reset the nervous system and thus as an antidote to different types of stressors


User experiences



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"My experience with the Meru Health program was excellent. I enjoyed the idea of having a different theme each week, with videos and guided practices to support each theme. The therapist who did the videos and guided mindfulness practices was perfect---pleasant voice to listen to, with perfect attitude and tone. I appreciated the availability of the therapist, and also enjoyed the interactions with other people participating in the course at the same time. I have taken Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) courses in the past, and found Meru to be superior to the in-person classes, in part because I was able to do it at my own pace and at whatever time of day suited me. The daily reminders to do the practices were quite effective and I wound up following through almost 100% of the time--way better than when I've taken MBSR courses. I also really appreciate that I continue to have access to the guided practices now that I've finished the treatment program. I highly recommend the Meru Health program to everyone--whether dealing with depression and/or anxiety, or simply seeking a more positive and peaceful life experience."


Mary, 55


“I am very thankful to have participated in the treatment program with Meru Health. I had doubts that a mobile treatment program  could do anything about the burnout, anxiety, and depression that I’d been experiencing for the past ten years, and, since I’d been meditating on and off for ten years, I thought I had nothing new to learn. I was wrong.

Mixing mindfulness and behavioral therapy was revelatory, and having online access to a personal therapist was an essential part of my success with the treatment program. With the aid of the app I learned to cut back on my extreme work hours and to practice self-compassion and kindness when I'm gripped with anxiety. Getting more rest and minimizing the anxiety has been the key to significantly reducing the depression.

The flexibility of the tool is really helpful, particularly with my shifting work schedule. When I needed help, the therapist was able to get back to me quickly with suggestions. And the different practices are very helpful, and I enjoy continuing to use them.”


Cera, 21

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"Meru has been such a healing experience for me. I didn’t know what to expect other than the hope that I’d come out the other side completely transformed and capable. And that’s exactly what happened. I went from feeling depressed, highly anxious, hopeless, and powerless to feeling happy-neutral, with a calm and centered mind, feeling accepting, capable, and empowered. No doubt the success came from me putting the work in myself and taking it seriously, but I couldn’t have done it without Meru’s unique program and encouraging therapists. Meru was the tool I needed to help me form sustained habits to wellness. Everyday I still continue to use their unique set of practices and I don’t plan to stop.”


What to expect from the treatment program


Weekly themes

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness

  2. Low mood and motivation

  3. Self-compassion

  4. Managing worry

  5. Overcoming thinking traps

  6. Rethinking your life values

  7. Being aware of your relationships

  8. Relapse prevention

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You will be working with the program individually by watching weekly themed videos and doing daily practices. To get the full benefits of the program it is recommended to reserve 20-30 minutes a day on 4 to 6 days a week.

Throughout the program a Meru Health licensed therapist will be supporting your journey. He or she will be available every weekday through the chat functionality within the application.

After the program has ended you will still have access to all the lessons and practices in the program - free of charge.

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Treatment Results



OF patients report clinically meaningful symptom reduction


OF patients completed the TREATMENT program successfully


Meru Health - real world evidence : 3 month sample from 02/2017 - 01/2018 (n=141),
outcome measure PHQ-9 depression test questionnaire


Meru Health Treatment Path


Smart Online Screening

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A Meru Health - therapist will be in contact with you. 

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The Meru Health Journey

You will start the 8-week Meru Health -program. You will get active support from your personal Meru Health -therapist as well as an anonymous peer support group. This group consists of other participants like you but it is fully anonymous (people present themselves as avatars & nick names in the here).

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The Healthcare Team

dr Inna khazan healthcare professional online clinic depression treatment.png

Dr. Inna Khazan, 
Harvard trained mindfulness and HRV-biofeedback expert, PhD Psychology, Clinical Advisor 

Philippe Goldin Online clinic Meru Health.png

Dr. Philippe Goldin, 
PhD Psychology, Clinical Advisor

Erin gillung Online clinic Meru Health depression treatment.png

Erin Gillung, 
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist & mindfulness teacher