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Meru Health was founded in late 2015 with a big vision to help and empower people living with depression.We are scientists, engineers and experienced entrepreneurs who have come together to make depression treatment accessible, effective and truly outcome-driven. Our mission is more than business, it’s personal. Our founders have lost friends and family members to depression, and we want to do everything in our power to help people who suffer.


About Us


There are approximately 350 million people suffering from depression around the world and depression is the leading cause for disability (WHO 2016) 5-7% of people are annually diagnosed with depression in developed countries.

There is a great need for accessible and scalable solutions to treat depression. This is where digital therapeutics and Meru Health come in!


Meru Health is an online medical clinic for treating depression and burnout. Our clinic provides a remote clinician supported treatment program that we deliver via a mobile app.

  1. A treatment program that adapts to individual needs.

    Our 8-week treatment program combines psychological treatment modules and practices. We individualize the program based on patient’s personal information and needs.

  2. Daily support from licensed therapists

    Participants get proactive support on a daily basis (via an in-app chat).

  3. Anonymous peer support

    It’s beneficial to recognize that you are not alone with your challenges and learning how others overcome them.



PASSION Because our mission is personal, we genuinely believe in our work, and we do it with enthusiasm and positivity. We believe that putting our heart into our work is when true creativity comes to life making almost anything possible.

TRANSPARENCY We believe in openness, accountability and stellar communication. We believe in saying and expressing things as they are, as a foundation for building trust among our employees and partners.

INTEGRITY Integrity is the alignment of values, thoughts, words, and actions. Our commitment to integrity means we operate as individuals and as a company from the highest moral principles, acting on our values with consistency and honesty.

COURAGE Doing our work with courage is about taking risks and confronting the uncertain, as well as believing in ourselves and our dreams. Courage is also about doing the right thing, even when it confronts established paradigms.

COMPASSION Through our work, and corporate social responsibility efforts, we are reducing suffering for people with depression, empowering them with tools they need to improve their lives.


Business/Ops Manager (SF Bay Area)


Empower people with a scalable and effective treatment solution. Our solution is a comprehensive tool for participants (the name we use for patients) to manage their symptoms of depression and co-morbid anxiety. Our mobile program for treating depression and co-morbid anxiety includes mindfulness and CBT practices, and daily therapist engagement & monitoring on weekdays.

Be part of a mission to make mental health care more effective, accessible and outcome driven.


1) Resource management

2) Drive the achievement of compelling therapist economics (i.e. therapy work scalability)

3) Support clinical trial project management to achieve recruitment goals 

4) Maintain company communication channels and support the sales team in developing compelling content for Meru Health audience

5) Lead Generation & market research

6) Iterate and maintain central sales and marketing materials for use with various customer presentations, and public speaking opportunities

7) Manage and maintain important customer contracts to ensure the best mutually agreeable engagement with Meru Health

8) Identify gaps in customer needs and proactively communicate those gaps for the team to collectively solve

9 )Work with sales team to handle incoming customer communication, and organize/escalate issues appropriately including: billing, legal, security, and technical inquiries

You will be successful in this job if you have/are

1) Value match

2) Strong analytical skills

3) An impressive track record of meeting and exceeding targets on a consistent basis.

4) You are willing to take ownership and make decisions with a limited amount of information

5) You are comfortable with a lot of uncertainty and constant change

6) Willing to spend 85% of your time in the San Francisco Bay area and the rest in Finland/Europe

7) Have a strong desire to have a direct impact on the daily life of people who suffer from mental health challenges

8) Strong communication skills

9 ) Understanding of the US Healthcare Market

What we have to offer

1) A multi-cultural and passionate team

2) Health & Wellness Benefits

3) A possibility to directly help others through your work

4) An opportunity to learn and grow extremely fast

Applications by Oct 25th 2018

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Founder & COO - Riku Lindholm